Welcome to the class blog for the Online Writing paper. The Online Writing paper is part of the Level 6 NorthTec Creative Writing Diploma.

In 2019 semester 1, students brainstormed a theme for their class blog and settled on Relationships. They decided relationships could take any form: between lovers, friends or families, or with pets or the environment. They also decided their posts could be fiction or non-fiction. All decided to write about human relationships and most are fiction.

In 2019 semester 2 , students worked with NorthTec’s Environmental Management team to write posts pertaining to environmental issues in Whangarei. Since rat-trapping is a hot topic at the moment, both posts are related to that.

Topics for 2020 are pending.

Topics for 2021 semester 2, students discussed which of the blog types they wanted to focus on, and decided on an educational style. After further brainstorming, the posts will be around what it was/is like juggling studying/working/running a business while being a mother with a young child/ren.

Topics for 2022 semester 1, students decided to create ‘slice of life’ posts, with non-specific topics but designed for an entertainment style blog. These posts will be creative non-fiction or non-fiction.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts
Kathy Derrick Tutor 2019
Lesley Marshall Tutor 2020

Justine Payen Tutor 2021 and 2022

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